Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - January 6, 2010 (Beautiful Large Prominences!!!)


I got to wake up a little early this morning after an exhaustive evening of imaging and processing some macro images that I took of a grasshopper :) LOL The sky was looking good and I setup and pointed the PST-Ha at the Sun and was surprised to see lots of large eruptive prominences visible int he Sun's limb! Further observation of the limb through the computer screen reveals that AR 11039 is almost at the western limb of the Sun. Bye Bye AR 11039! Unfortunately, I have to go to work early today and I wasn't able to image the group through white light :(

But what amazed me today is the observation of several group of looped prominences entangled in the solar limb and together with exiting AR 11039 , the sight was beautiful! :)

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