Saturday, January 30, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - January 30, 2010


The sky this morning is a bit hazy but since i can still see the Sun. I proceeded to check out AR 11041 if it is still there. The sunspot group had undergone tremendous reduction in size from a nice looking group to almost a speck yesterday. Well, I had to hard timing locating first the group as I thought it had disappeared already. But careful inspection and patience help me locate it!

My golly, it is almost a small dot already at closeup shot :) LOL Although I could still see a small speck feature. I'm sure tomorrow it will not be there anymore...... so goodbye AR 11041!

But in Ha light, I could easily see the group because it still possesses some small activity inside its core compare to the white light images and observation. Aside from the group, another interesting feature of the Sun this morning is a nice large eruptive prominence which resembles the famous "Horsehead Nebula". I refer to it as Horsehead Prominence :) LOL

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