Friday, January 22, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - January 23, 2010 (New AR 11042 and Large Prominences !!!)


The sky this morning is a bit hazy with some passing small clouds. As I check the Sun through the PST-Ha , I notice there was a new sunspot group that pops out which I presumed will be designated AR11042 because it has some umbra and penumbra structure already. On the other hand, AR 11041 continues to grow in size and structure. For today, I concentrated on the ATK-1HS II webcam this morning to try to get better results than what I did yesterday which was done IMHO in a fast way. With more frames for me to acquire with the webcam than my Canon 500D single frames and shutter vibration, it seems the webcam images are promising as well as I was able to get some granulations despite fair seeing condition.

Starting today, my Ha images through the PST-Ha will be oriented north up and east to the left. In Ha light, AR11041 exhibits more activity inside its group. New AR 11042, although a bit smaller also exhibit some activity already as well. There are also several large eruptive prominences as well and a joy to look at too.

Unfortunately, I wont be able to monitor the 2 groups tomorrow till maybe Friday next week as I will go back to my provincial work. I'm sure AR 11042 will already be gone by them and hoping I can still catch up with AR 11041 near the western limb next week :0

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