Wednesday, December 30, 2009


While most of us will be celebrating New Year's Day, there will be a mild 8% partial lunar eclipse that will be visible in the early morning. This is visible in our country as well as Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Penumbral eclipse will start at around 1:16am Phil Standard Time (PST) and umbra will start at 2:53am PST. Maximum eclipse of 8% will occur at around 3:23am PST and ends at 3:54pm. Penumbra shadow will end at 5:31am PST. The Moon will be situated in the constellation of Gemini. A detailed chart of this eclipse can be seen here courtesy of Fred Espenak. Details of the eclipse can be seen below:

TIME (PST) Altitude Azimuth
Moon enters Penumbra 1:16am 68 deg 300 deg WNW
Moon enters Umbra 2:53am 47 deg 290 deg WNW
Maximum Eclipse 8% 3:23am 40 deg 289 deg WNW
Moon exits Umbra 3:54am 34 deg 289 deg WNW
Moon exits Penumbra 5:31am 13 deg 291 deg WNW

We will be observing this eclipse at AstroCamp Observatory in SM MOA San Miguel by the Bay

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