Friday, December 25, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - December 25, 2009


Got to wake up early this morning and the sky was clear but the seeing is not that great though. I started off with white light observation and imaging and continue to monitor the active region near the eastern limb. That region has rotated a bit to show its faculae region which was a bit easy to see . Unfortunately, no sunspots have yet develop on this region so the AR 11039 designation need to be halted until some sunspots will develop in the days to come. But from my previous experience on solar observation, there is a big possibility it will get designated in the days to come on this region.

AR 11036 and 11038 can still be viewed with a bit difficulty because it is in the extreme edge of the western limb already but if one check my whole disk image, it is obvious they arfe still there :) LOL

Aside from the active region, there are 2 moderate sized prominences that can be seen aside from some more smaller prominences. One note though is my first time to image at high resolution of the active region again since 2007! Although the seeing prevented me from doing high resolution, the image is still worth archiving. I do hope to do more high resolution in the days to come.

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