Saturday, December 26, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - December 27, 2009 (AR 11039 finally developed into a sunspot group!)


The sky this morning is clear again but the seeing condition is very bad! Finally, my prayers are answered! After 4 days as a faculae region, AR 11039 Sunspot Group finally emerges from that region! Although the sunspot is very small, possibility of developing into a complex group is possible in the days to come.

It was again pleasant to be able to observe another sunspot group this weekend. Through the PST-Ha scope, the 11039 has a good structure and pleasant to view. There are 2 large eruptive prominence also visible in the solar limb but I feel the excitement of the sunspot group emerging eclipsed the two prominence's view :) LOL

Another bright faculae is also developing near the western limb and I hope this will get a designation of an AR before it exits the limb.

The seeing today was so poor that out of more than 500 images of the AR11039, I was only able to get a fair image of the sunspot group only! Although not that high resolution as I wanted it to be, I still posted it for viewers to get an idea of its structure. Maybe better luck for me again tomorrow to image it.

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