Wednesday, December 30, 2009


There will be an annular solar eclipse that will be visible in nearby China but here in the Philippines, we will be treated with a 26.7% partiality in Manila. This partial eclipse will be visible in the entire country. WARNING: DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY OR THROUGH A TELESCOPE OR BINOCULARS WITHOUT PROPER SAFETY FILTERS OR PERMANENT EYE DAMAGE !!! Details of the eclipse courtesy of Fred Espenak for Manila and some major cities in the Philippines are as follows:


TIME (PST) Altitude Azimuth
1st Contact 3:49:04 pm 25 deg 238 deg WSW
Maximum Eclipse 26.7% 4:43:57 pm 11 deg 245 deg WSW
Sunset 5:46:00 pm 0 deg 248 deg WSW
4th Contact ------ ------ ------

TIME (PST) Altitude Azimuth
1st Contact 3:59:56 pm 22 deg 242 deg WSW
Maximum Eclipse 13.7% 4:52:19 pm 10 deg 246 deg WSW
4th Contact 5:39:46 pm 0 deg 249 deg WSW


TIME (PST) Altitude Azimuth
1st Contact 4:09:58 pm 20 deg 245 deg WSW
Maximum Eclipse 6.3% 4:50:28 pm 11 deg 247 deg WSW
4th Contact 5:28:05 pm 2 deg 248 deg WSW

ALPers will set up at Astro Camp Observatory in SM MOA San Miguel by the Bay to observe and image this eclipse with an optional setup site at parking area of Manila Oceanarium. For more details, please contact ALP President James Kevin Ty at 09178559863 or ALP PRO Armando Lee at 09177922053 in case you are joining us to observe this event.

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