Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Moon Watching With KC


Last night, the sky was a bitclear for me to be able to see the Moon rising from the eastern horizon. my son KC also saw the waning gibbous Moon and was pestering me to set up the scope to see the Moon. So I quickly setup the Meade ETX-90AT and in 10- minutes, the scope was trained at the Moon. Seeing was fair and the craters at the terminator was beautiful! KC's eyes was almost glued to the eyepiece and knows how to press the Autostar controller to center the Moon in the field :) LOL

We got to observe the Moon at our house's eastern window till around 2:00am before packing up and calling it a day :) LOL Before, I pack up the scope, I used that opportunity to snap a few shots of the Moon for posterity.

KC showing off the Autostar controller of his Meade ETX-90AT

KC looking at the Moon through the ETX-90AT

KC: The Moon is beautiful! Want to take a look?

Waning Gibbous Moon

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