Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Solar Imaging Session - December 31, 2009


The sky this morning was surprisingly very hazy! I had a hard time focusing as well well as getting a good exposure on the Sun in H-Alpha light. As I struggle to get a decent image, I notice the Sun becoming quiet again as the year 2009 is ending :( There was a faint loop prominence visible on the solar limb . AR 11039 sunspot group is still quite active in Ha wavelength despite the fact that one of the 3 main components of the group decayed after a day :( Nevertheless, the sunspot is still a joy to look at in white light wavelength.

I was able to get a little improvement in seeing during my white light imaging session. Got to image whole disk as well as close up shot of the AR 11039.

Happy New Year to All! Best wishes and clearer skies to all of us!

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