Saturday, March 20, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - March 21, 2010 (Beautiful AR 11056 and Large Dark Filaments and Eruptive Prominence!)


The sky this morning is partly cloudy and today is Equinox which happens also to be my son KC's birthday as well! As I view the Sun, I can see a nice large eruptive prominence in the NW limb. Also visible is the departing AR 11054 which is at the edge of the western limb. There are lots of Dark Filaments visible in the NW as well as the SE limb.

But what caught my attention today is the active AR 11056 Sunspot Group which entertained me this morning with a nice eruption that cause the group's plages to brighten up! On the AVI, the view was very nice as one can see the brightening of the group in less than 16 minutes period.
08:30:48 (00:30:48 UT)

08:46:00 (00:46:00 UT)

I was planning to image in white light but cloudy sky covered the sky where the Sun is located so I wasn't able to image anymore as the Sun got passed my roof's obstruction already :( The Sun is fast rising in the morning now and from my observation area, I wont be able to see the Sun after 9:00am instead of the usual 9:40am time frame. :( Anyway, if weather is ok, I still don't see much problem observing the Sun in the morning maybe until mid May when the Sun will be rising more in the NE horizon and I will not be able to image and observe the Sun until mid September again.

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