Sunday, March 28, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - March 28, 2010 (2 Sunspot Groups Now)


I got to wake up a little early this morning and didn't waste time to start imaging the Sun. AR 11057 continues to show its activeness while another new sunspot group, AR 11059, can be seen in the SE limb. This sunspot group can also be seen from my yesterday's white light whole disk image at the extreme limb edge :) LOL

Solar prominences seems to quiet down a bit as I can only see a few small group of prominences around the solar limb. Seeing today is a little better than yesterday's seeing condition. Once again, I got hampered by clouds while trying to image the Sun in white light! Fortunately, I was able to image the 2 groups before being clouded out!

I have to wait till past 1:00pm before i was able to image the Sun in whole disk using our alternate scope, KC's Meade ETX-90AT with Baader 5.0 solar filter. Since I just need to image whole disk, the ETX-90AT suits my need and convenience rather than hauling the entire solar imaging system down to our laundry area :) LOL

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