Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - March 9, 2010 (Numerous Dark Filaments)


The sky was a bit cloudy this morning and I thought I wouldn't be able to image the Sun this morning so I quickly get dressed for work but as I walk out of my room, the sky suddenly opened up for me to see the Sun so I didn't waste any time to quickly setup for solar imaging in less than 5 minutes and start to image old Sol. Seeing was not that good this morning but still, I continue to monitor the breaking up of the Long Dark Filament. The filament indeed started to deteriorate and breaking up but the filament's western section got wider and is a real beauty!

As for prominences, there are more numerous eruptive prominences today than the previous days but they are not that large but are mostly grouped together in the NE and NW limbs. Hoping to see more actions in the large dark filament tomorrow.

Lastly, there is a possible new active region near the NE limb that is developing and hope this developed into a sunspot group.

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