Sunday, March 7, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - March 7, 2010 (Numerous Dark Filaments)


The sky this morning was a bit cloudy and I patiently waited for the clouds to persist as I want to monitor the long dark filament that I saw yesterday at the NE limb. Although I can see it in my monitor screen, I wasn't able to image the Sun till past lunchtime! I have to bring all my solar setup down to the laundry area for me to image the Sun at that time!

As I train the PST-Ha at the Sun, I was surprised to see a large bright eruptive prominence in the western limb which I didn't see in the morning. The changes in that prominence was very fast as the prominence changed structure in less than 13 minutes!

After imaging the said prominence, I went back to image the NE limb wherein the large dark filament together with some small dark filaments are visible. Small residual traces of AR 11051 can still be seen near the NW limb.

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