Thursday, March 25, 2010

Solar Imaging Session - March 26, 2010 (AR 11057 Sunspot Group)


The sky this morning was partly clear and I can see some small window for me to shoot the Sun. I hurriedly setup as I'm eager to image AR 11057 which is at least a moderate to large size sunspot group. As I scan the Sun's disk, there are some moderate size prominences as well as a large faint eruptive prominence which almost got away from me if not for careful inspection of the limb. AR 11057 shows a nice structure both in H-Alpha light and white light. A faint large dark filament can also be seen at the center of the Sun as well as some smaller dark filaments.

Unfortunately, clouds rolled in before I could make a shot of the Sun in whole disk as well as AR 11057. I was able to center the group in my computer field of view and I can say, the structure of the group is very beautiful but sadly, clouds keep on passing in front of the group and seems to taunt and test my patience! :) LOL

In the end, no amount of patience waiting for the sky to clear up for me to image it forced me to stop my session at 9:30am. I waited again for another crack at the Sun at lunchtime and the sky is still overcast :( Oh brother....... tomorrow again :) LOL

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